by Amit Gawande
Update: The link blog starts working. As they say, you complain about something and it works. But I know something's broken -- it has got mostly to do with the old links that I had added and then deleted. For some reason, it generates many 404s in the console log before generating the `json` that Drummer refers to. Hope it is cleared now. #
I am seriously considering removing the link tab from the blog. It is completely useless in current form. Hardly works, possibly I have hit some odd issue that's preventing it to refresh. Whatever the case, Radio3 doesn't work well.#
The link blog does not seem to work as flawlessly as the other systems work. New links are added to Radio3, are visible on Linkblog on Radio3, but is not visible in the Links tab of the blog.#
I have got the basics set up with Drummer the way I like it. I'm sure there are a hundred other things that I can do. But I want to understand how things work with Outliners first. The link blog based on Radio3 is a nice addition that I can for sure use.#
  • Is this a title post? Possibly. I will only know when I publish. But it does make sense that a title would the header and the body will be all the items that follow.#
  • With that said, this looks a great way to keep writing.#
I like the way this works. However, I am new to outliners. So, there's just so much to grasp. I do not understand the benefits of blogging through outlines. May be if I read a bit, I will have better clarity why this is better. #
This is just another attempt at blogging with Drummer! I love how quickly this can post and be shown in the post. Clean! #

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