by Amit Gawande
Dave helped by resolving an issue with Radio3 where generating JSON for link blog was taking a lot of time if the first entry to Radio3 was old. It's far better now. And it should only improve as I use this more.#
  • Here are a few thoughts on using custom template with Drummer, capturing for future reference. #
  • I have got an understanding of how I can host a custom template, a bit of looking around through Jack Baty's setup and I got it going. Here's what I will have to do.#
    • Host the template files - styles.css, code.js and index.html - to some static server. There are two options, get a new droplet with Caddy or use S3. Either is fine and should do the job. Basically the files need to be publicly accessible.#
    • Add a new OPML header "urlTemplate" which points to the index.html. Modify this index.html to point to the other two files. #
    • This should start using the custom template - basically custom index.html and styles.css. I do not yet see use of modifying the javascript file. At least as for now.#
Now that I see the source of most of the sites from Dave, for example, I realize that they are static one-page JavaScript sites? It's all OPML behind the scenes. I often came across Dave referring to this fact. I never understood the meaning till now. How's this better?#
What's the difference between attachment and love? It is easy to feel attached to something or someone. You take care of them for a period of time, and you invariably get a sense of attachment with them. Love, now that's a different beast. #
The biggest problem I have with the tech media covering Apple news is they discuss too much about even the very trivial things. I am tired of being part of the same discussions about names and rumours. Look at any Techmeme coverage, for example this latest one. #
I got rid of all the noisy streams, unsubscribing those that I have no interest to hear from. I have just stopped following 150 Twitter folks -- most were talking just about technology stuff? Seriously, how unique a perspective can you bring when all you talk about are the same bloody technology companies? #
I am excited about Windows 11. It looks cleaner -- sure, there might be some things that are broken. Need to check if any is a deal breaker for me. If not, I will upgrade When it is available for me. Oh, did I tell you my PC is eligible for the free upgrade? Yay!#
I wish I learn to sleep early so that I can get up early. Every now and then, the itch to stay up late always overpowers the thought of larger benefits. And it becomes even more difficult when there is a new toy to play with. Drummer is that toy this time! #

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