by Amit Gawande
Wednesday October 13, 2021; 10:39 PM EDT
  • Here are a few thoughts on using custom template with Drummer, capturing for future reference. #
  • I have got an understanding of how I can host a custom template, a bit of looking around through Jack Baty's setup and I got it going. Here's what I will have to do.#
    • Host the template files - styles.css, code.js and index.html - to some static server. There are two options, get a new droplet with Caddy or use S3. Either is fine and should do the job. Basically the files need to be publicly accessible.#
    • Add a new OPML header "urlTemplate" which points to the index.html. Modify this index.html to point to the other two files. #
    • This should start using the custom template - basically custom index.html and styles.css. I do not yet see use of modifying the javascript file. At least as for now.#

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