by Amit Gawande
  • After a lot of consideration, I have arrived at a conclusion that I do not want to publish my newsletter anymore. It has had a good run. But I am no longer keen. I enjoy writing them, but not really creating additional links. So how do you stop sending newsletter issues?#
  • Here's what I think I will do.#
    • Move the ghost deployment to Hugo. Let it host all my essays at the same domain. This will ensure the links aren't broken. This would also be a simpler system to maintain. Big question is will I ever maintain this? Continue posting to it I mean?#
    • Send one final issue informing about the end of run for the newsletter, I will have to draft the issue. I know at high level for sure.#
  • The Hugo deployment should also allow me to get rid of the Ghost droplet. It is unnecessary without much updates to it.#
  • Only worry is what about the promise of writing more essays? Will I do that easily with Hugo? Ulysses does help. But will I always write from Mac? A few points to ponder over, for sure.#
I still write very long posts. I can't write micro.#
I really like the workflow of updating the posts with outliner. The whole concept works brilliantly. Because all the posts are present on the same page, it doesn't feel like work to modify/fix a post. It's just about making it right and reload. I would very well do that while I am writing another post. Brilliant! #
So, an update on the issue of baseUrl not being correct in the index.html of this blog that I am facing. It's good to know at least one more person is facing the same issue. I, for some reason, still believe it has got something to do with the config variable not picking the latest values while building the blog. Dave believes otherwise. Update: And Dave has resolved the issue. I have started to get a hang of things now! #
One thing I am seriously considering? Host DrummerCMS myself. But am I ready to sign up for this additional work? Update: I have come to the conclusion that it's not worth the efforts. I might use a custom template, though.#
Working with Drummer and DrummerCMS is so much fun, yet it can so stressful at the same time. You need to be meticulous to follow every point in the documentation, looking after every minor detail. #
I am this close to configuring the custom domain. The redirect to individual links isn't working. I wish I knew what I messed up. Still haven't found a way. Theory is the trailing slash is missing somewhere -- mostly in config for Drummer OPML header. #

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