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by Amit Gawande
Thursday October 14, 2021; 10:40 PM EDT
  • After a lot of consideration, I have arrived at a conclusion that I do not want to publish my newsletter anymore. It has had a good run. But I am no longer keen. I enjoy writing them, but not really creating additional links. So how do you stop sending newsletter issues?#
  • Here's what I think I will do.#
    • Move the ghost deployment to Hugo. Let it host all my essays at the same domain. This will ensure the links aren't broken. This would also be a simpler system to maintain. Big question is will I ever maintain this? Continue posting to it I mean?#
    • Send one final issue informing about the end of run for the newsletter, I will have to draft the issue. I know at high level for sure.#
  • The Hugo deployment should also allow me to get rid of the Ghost droplet. It is unnecessary without much updates to it.#
  • Only worry is what about the promise of writing more essays? Will I do that easily with Hugo? Ulysses does help. But will I always write from Mac? A few points to ponder over, for sure.#

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